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2017 NS Soda Slope frame

2017 NS Soda Slope frame
Thanks so much for all the help and thank you for answering me when i contacted lama-cycles, without that I wouldn't have been able to make the best purchase of my life.
Daniel Hill   Mar 31, 2015

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The Soda Slope is a radical bike for big moves that takes over where dirt jumping hardtails are not enough. It's most important feature is that it enables true single speed setups with no chain tensioners or standard derailleur / single front ring setups. The Slope is exceptionally nimble and manoeuvrable with one of the shortest chain stays we have ever seen on production full suspension bikes. It was designed to feel just like a Majesty dirt-jump frame but with a safety valve in the rear end for big hits and high speed runs. We also tested the Slope in a more traditional DH environment, and found that with a longer fork (around 160mm) it can actually ride downhill surprisingly well. Even though the travel is short, the quality of the ride is great. The frame is really very stiff torsionally - we have been throwing 180's and 360's for days on end and experienced absolutely no problems. The suspension won't hamper you- we bet you can pull off just about every street trick that you can do on your hardtail.

In the rear end you will find a 4-bar linkage that gives several advantages:
- lateral stiffness of the rear end of the bike
- minimised side loads on the shock, eliminating excessive shock wear and friction
- an optimised shock rate curve.

Soda Slope is fitted with a Rock Shox Monarch RL shock with custom tune. The lockout option is a really nice feature, making this frame feel like a hardtail when jumping but will open up and save your butt on the biggest hits. It also means that you don't have to put crazy high pressure in the shock to get this characteristic, and can open the lockout if you want to ride some rough off-road sections.

Designed to run with air shocks and very little or even no sag for street / dirt, or with standard sag settings (around 25-30%) for a more conventional feel.


- Sam Pilgrim choice for big Slopestyle courses
- designed to feel just like a proper dirt jump bike
- concentric BB pivot system allows singlespeed
- one of the shortest chain stays suspension bike.
- can be setup as small freeride bike with longer 140-160mm forks
- Rock Shox Monarch RL shock with custom tune and lockout
Frame Specs

107mm (4.2”) rear wheel travel
pivot around BB allowing true single speed setups
AL6061-T6 + AL6066-T6 custom formed and butted tubes
smooth ‘double pass' welding in critical areas
weight (w/o shock): ~3.05kg
rear shock: 190x50mm (7.5 x 2.0”): mounting hardware: front & rear 22.2 x 8 mm
head tube: integrated tapered IS42/IS52, head tube length 115mm
fits forks with standard 1-1/8” or tapered 1.5 - 1-1/8” steerer tubes
rear hub: 135x10mm, suggested bolt-on hubs
IS-2000 disc brake mount, max rotor size: up to 185mm
BB: threaded 73mm with ISCG-05 mounts
biggest chainring: up to ~34t
rear derailleur: optional hanger included
front derailleur: not compatible
seat post/clamp: 30.9mm / 34.9mm
max tire: 26 x 2.4”

* the actual seat tube angle is around 1.0° slacker than quoted due to specific seat tube shape and it's offset position; the numbers quoted show the equivalent for a traditional frame

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