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NS Radiance pedals

NS Radiance pedals
I know you will continue to prosper as the sport is constantly growing and you have great products and service. I am glad to have found you guys and you can count on my business
Mark, NY, USA   Sep 15, 2015

BlackNS16-001$145.99Restock Jun 1, 2019
OilslickNSP-3401$145.99Restock Jun 1, 2019
CoperNSP-3601$145.99Restock Jun 1, 2019
Oil RubNSP-3602$145.99Restock Jun 1, 2019


These cool pedals come with a big and low-profile platform that provides tons of grip. At the same time, the weight still remains below 400 grams. Perfect for any application and - what's important - they offer the same legendary unbeatable strength & reliability as our Aerials which means they will take years of the worst beating. A combination of varied the pin height and special cage shape guarantee good grip in all conditions including wet muddy tracks, yet still allow for relatively easy foot position adjustments when needed. The pedals run on a combination of sealed bearings and bushings. Expect to see them under the feet of some of the best riders in the world. The Radiance were chosen as the “Best overall pedals” out of 17 platform pedals in a group test conducted by Singletrack magazine.

Main Features
  • Winner / Best overall pedals of the 17 platform pedals group test in Singletrack_113 magazine
  • Super big and flat pedal
  • Tons of long pins
  • Light and strong
Part Specs
  • AL6061-T6, fully CNC machined huge flat and very low profile platform
  • platform size: 103mm x 97mm x 13mm (22mm including pins)
  • thickness: 13mm platform w/o pins , 14-16mm thick around the axle area, 22mm one big flat surface formed by pins
  • two sealed bearings and bushing system
  • spindle interface: 8mm allen socket
  • axle thread size: standard 9/16"
  • 11 removable pins per side, 4.5mm high at the ends and around 3mm high close to the axle area.
  • supplied pins: M4 x 0.7mm standard, 7mm long, off-the-shelf available worldwide in a variety of lengths.
  • weight: 389g
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