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Absolute Black Round Sram Direct Mount SUPER BOOST - flat chainring (0mm offset)

$104.99 CAD
Absolute Black

Absolute Black Round Sram Direct Mount SUPER BOOST - flat chainring (0mm offset)

30T black
#: SRBB30/30BK
Price: $104.99
Stock: In stock
SRBB30/30BK$104.99In stock
32T black
#: SRBB30/32BK
Price: $104.99
Stock: Out of stock
SRBB30/32BK$104.99Out of stock
34T black
#: SRBB30/34BK
Price: $104.99
Stock: In stock
SRBB30/34BK$104.99In stock

Spiderless (direct mount) chainrings allow for flawless single speed or Sram 1x9/10/11 drivetrain setup. These chainrings save more than 150g over the regular spider and chainring combo. Reliable, extremely light, stiff and clean looking on the bike. Always use a new chain with a new chainring. Optimized to ride in heavy mud thanks to specially designed chamfers.

The most advanced, Patent Pending tooth profile on the Market guarantee minimum 12 months of excellent chain retention capabilities! We mean it.

Premium Round direct mount chainring designed for Sram BB30/PF30 cranks with Short spindle.

Size (Mass +/-1g): 30T(53g), 32T(57g), 34T(63g)
Color: Black
Compatibility: SRAM XX1, X01, X0, GX, X9, X7, S2210, S1400 and Truvativ AKA cranks. BB30 short spindle only!
Material: cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction
Finish: anodized
Chainline: 48,7mm

These direct mount chainrings are designed for Sram BB30/PF30 SHORT spindle cranks. Chainring is flat, as opposed to our GXP model with 6mm offset. Short spindle cranks do have 9mm BB spacer on drive side, where long spindle version has 15mm. If you have long spindle version, then buy our GXP model.

Looking for 28T?

Please choose our GXP version for this size. 28T GXP is the only size which will clear the chainstays and create even better chainline on short BB30.

More info

Please understand that this is not Biopace technology. Shimano created Biopace with the completely wrong orientation of the biggest radius of the oval. Instead of positioning it in power zone which is slightly below the level of the crank, they clocked it to the dead zone where human generates least power. The result was that in power zone pedaling was too easy and in dead zone very difficult. Exactly opposite to how it should be.

Round rings do not optimize the way humans produce power

Other elliptical chainrings
Clocking (timing) and shape of the oval are the most crucial parts of the design. Ride quality of Absoluteblack Oval ring will be different to ovals from brand X or Y. 2 years of development of our ovals resulted in commercially most successful product of its kind. AbsoluteBlack is the First company who managed to successfully popularize ovals in mountainbike sport. Please note: Other manufacturers offer one timing and ovality setting for all chainring sizes, but pedaling behavior changes with each size considerably. To optimize for this, every chainring size needs to be a bit different. For example the smaller the chainring size the bigger the ovality has to be to help climb steeper hills more effectively. This is where we specialize in and optimize every size to particular pedaling style. This is also why we do not provide information about timing and exact ovality of the chainring as each one is different.


Tooth Shape

Can be used with singlespeed, 1x9, 1x10 and 1x11 as it fits all chains. Tooth shape optimized for quiet work.

Comparison chart:

Sram direct mount: 30T(61g), 32T(66g), 34T(71g)

AbsoluteBLACK: 30T(53g), 32T(57g), 34T(63g)


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