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Thank you for choosing a rider owned company. It means a lot to us!
A true, active rider owned company. We ride, test and abuse the products we choose to sell you to ensure it meets our high standards. Both owners have been racing for over 13 years now in DH and Enduro PRO categories and have spent countless hours street, park and dirt jump riding.
Lama Cycles INC is a Distribution Company that was founded in 2006 by experienced downhill and street riders Benoit Labelle and Justin Macknish. Inspired by the energy that surrounds all cycling sports, the two founders set out to contribute to the growth of the movement.
The company's main objective is to provide fellow riders, athletes and sports enthusiasts with quality products that we believe in and proudly ride day after day.
The question “Why can't we get this bike over here? Or that part?” is most likely what started it all. Always looking for better products, we set out to import and test many different bikes, parts, and accessories to uncover the ones best suited for our Canadian needs.

Everything we distribute has been submitted to a trial year of thorough testing by ourselves, our company team riders and to a select number of independent test riders. This is done for one simple reason: we stand behind products that we personally trust and believe in. The concept of product endorsement gives our customers peace of mind which allows them to ride with confidence.
The question “Why can't we get this bike over here?
Or that part?” is most likely what started it all.
NS bikes has been our main brand from the getgo. Polish born, the NS brand is a true rider owned company started up by Szymon Kobylinski, at the time a DH national champ and soon to become Polish rock star. Check out their story here. As we shared very similar values the fit was perfect and we both grew over the years, bringing better bikes and parts to our markets and contirbuting to the growth of the "niche" and "core"segments of the industry. NS now offers core street, dirt jump and park bikes along with a growing range of DH, Enduro, Trail, Plus size and junior bikes. Check out the products here
Octane one, the sister brand of NS bikes, offers a wide selection of quality parts in array of colors for incredible prices. It's truely a go-to brand for quality and price. Anything from halflink chains, all sorts of headsets, wheels, hubs, stems to frames can be found under this trending brand. Check out the products here
Decisively motivated to follow through with our strategy, we put together our first official downhill team in 2007.The first season was aimed towards testing the product and gathering information on the market's response to exotic products. It was also the perfect time to understand the philosophy behind the people we would be working with in the near future. Results were more than satisfying on all counts!

What's next for the Lama? To tap into Canada's western market, our focus will be directed towards the freeride and all mountain scenes. These types of riding have taken over the west coast and keep gaining popularity. Companies have turned their attention towards these trends and have developed the right kind of bikes for these particular styles.  

Lama Cycles stands out through its involvement in race events, demo days, competitions, coaching in MTB summer camps and coaching in high school high school cycling activities. Known as dedicated riders, the owners of the company are always involved in bike related events from racing, to coaching, to teaching young bikers the basics of bike mechanics.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Lama Cycles Inc.

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