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I9 UL250 TRA Wheelset

$1 549.99 CAD
Industry Nine

I9 UL250 TRA Wheelset

I9 UL250 TRA Wheelset

$1 549.99 CAD
Wheel Size
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Spoke Hole Count
Disc Mount Type
6 Bolt
650b, 12x100/12x142mm, 24H, Centerlock, HG11, Black
650b, 12x100/12x142mm, 24H, Centerlock, XD-R, Black
700, 12x100/12x142mm, 24H, Centerlock, HG11, Black
700, 12x100/12x142mm, 24H, Centerlock, XD-R, Black
27.5'', 15x110/12x148mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, HG, All Black
27.5'', 15x110/12x148mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, XD, All Black
27.5'', 15x110/12x148mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, MS, All Black
27.5'', 15x110/12x157mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, HG, All Black
27.5'', 15x110/12x157mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, XD, All Black
27.5'', 15x110/12x157mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, MS, All Black
29, 15x110/12x148mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, HG, All Black
29, 15x110/12x148mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, XD, All Black
29, 15x110/12x148mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, MS, All Black
29, 15x110/12x157mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, HG, All Black
29, 15x110/12x157mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, XD, All Black
29, 15x110/12x157mm, 24H, 6 Bolt, MS, All Black
Dumond Tech Freehub Oil 1oz
In stock
Dumond Tech Freehub Oil 1oz
Center Lock Lockring, Black
Out of stock
Center Lock Lockring, Black
Center Lock Lockring, Red
Out of stock
Center Lock Lockring, Red
Center Lock Lockring, Blue
Out of stock
Center Lock Lockring, Blue
Center Lock Lockring, Orange
Out of stock
Center Lock Lockring, Orange
Center Lock Lockring, Purple
In stock
Center Lock Lockring, Purple
Center Lock Lockring, Green
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Center Lock Lockring, Green
Center Lock Lockring, Gold
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Center Lock Lockring, Gold
Center Lock Lockring, Silver
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Center Lock Lockring, Silver
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Go further afield and discover new routes with no compromises aboard the wider and more confident UL250TRA. At home on any drop bar exploration, the solid direct-thread hub and spoke system found Torch Road Alloy chassis takes advantage of our new UL250 rim to create a fully color customizable wheelset with unrivaled handling precision when terrain gets rough and tumble. Redefine how and where your drop bar bike is ridden - UL250TRA is eager to join.
Torch Road Alloy Bridging The Gap.
Industry Nine announces the new Torch Road Alloy (TRA) integrated hub/spoke chassis with four wheelsets. Offering rock-solid durability, control, and expressive custom color options, the TRA chassis provides a bevy of features once only available on the Torch Mountain chassis.

The Torch Road Alloy performs in a space where a tarmac-focused wheelset might be overmatched, but a mountain wheelset would be overkill. Ideal scenarios for the TRA line-up would be in the CX start grid, fast moving, light-duty off-road explorations, or hammering out long days on Forest Service roads. Four new wheelsets roll out with the introduction of the Torch Road Alloy chassis, providing an array of choices, from rough and tumble 650b wheels, to a race-ready carbon 700c option.
To serve this mission, the TRA chassis represents a confluence of the best characteristics from the Torch Mountain system wheelsets and the Torch Road disc platform - sturdy meets svelte. An all-new hubshell forms the foundation of the TRA chassis, allowing direct threading of the spokes to the hub; a long-standing and defining performance and durability element of Industry Nine mountain bike wheelsets. Compatible with all thru-axles and road drivetrains, the Center Lock specific hub is built off Industry Nine's established Torch Road Disc internals, so service and support parts are already present and available in the field.

Machined and anodized totally in-house, the Torch Road Alloy hubs accept 24 spokes laid out in a clever yet familiar 2:1 lacing pattern. By using a differential spoke count, TRA wheelsets are able to cut weight and balance spoke tension, yet retain power-amplifying stiffness.
Securing the rim to the hub are Industry Nines straight-pull aluminum spokes. The one-piece design integrates standard 14g wrench flats located outside of the rim to keep service intuitive, but eliminates the undersized traditional spoke nipple in favor of a more robust connection between hub and spoke. Directly tapping into the hubs courtesy of large, rolled threads the 2.9mm diameter spokes taper to 2.7mm as they exit the hub and approach the rim.

Whether the aim is adding a touch of flair to a do-it-all drop bar rig, finding the perfect wheels to finish off a 650b bikepacker, or seeking ridiculous power transfer for the gravel or CX bike, Industry Nine has a TRA wheelset to satisfy. From the lust-worthy ULCX240 Carbon TRA, to the road-friendly AR25 TRA, Industry Nine bridges the gap.
Key Features on all TRA Wheelsets:
  • 24H 2/1 lacing pattern equalizes spoke tension, reduces fatigue related stress on the rims and spokes, reduces weight over traditional wheel architecture
  • Initially available with Center Lock hubs only
  • Made in the USA hubs - assembled in Asheville, NC
  • Front Hub: 2 bearings with external teflon seals. 100mm QR, 9thru, 12mm, and 15mm axle
  • Rear Hub: 4 bearings with external Teflon seals and silicone freehub seal. 135mm QR, 10x135, 12x135, and 12x142 axle options
  • Driver: Shimano HG, Campagnolo or SRAM XD-R - 60 point, 6 degree engagement, 3 pawl mechanism
  • Spokes: Industry Nine 2.9mm/2.7mm Aluminum
  • Spoke count: 24H F&R  
  • Standard Colors - all Black hubs and spokes
  • Custom Colors* -  OrangePurpleTurquoiseLime, GoldGreenBlueRedPinkSilver and Black hubs and spokes *Upcharges apply
  • Enduro XD-15 Hybrid Ceramic bearings - include lifetime warranty (Upcharges apply)

Industry Nine is sourcing an improved bearing from ENDURO. The ENDURO LLU bearings are equipped with a full contact, dual lip seal. These are properly installed with the light grey seal side toward the outboard side of the component you are installing them into. This provides additional protection towards the side most exposed to the elements.
Enduro LLU Type Seals:
Enduro LLU is a full contact, dual lip seal riding in a groove on the inner race. With more sealing pressure, these are ideal for pivots or headsets that continually come in contact with dirt, sweat, and dust. The increased seal pressure and 2 lips help retain the 90% grease fill we use on these bearings to better displace any moisture and continually lubricate the balls and races.
Our bearing seals are designed and tested in house for maximum performance. We never use any “off the shelf” parts, every component of our bearings is considered for performance, weight, and durability, and this includes the seals. 
All of our seals can be removed for service by gently prying from the inside with a small blade and carefully lifting the seals from the inner and outer grooves. 
Lama Cycle Industry 9 Enduro LLU Bearings
Like all of our System Wheels, you can customize your hubs and spoke colors in any combination for an additional fee. We offer 11 custom anodized colors: Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Lime, Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Silver and Black.

         Ano Lab Custom Color
We have a very small, purpose built anodizing lab made specifically to anodize the parts we make for your wheels and hubs. Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that has many variables the operator has to react to and adjust daily. While we try to keep our color parameters close, there can be variations from batch to batch, between various alloys and from morning to afternoon. Due to these circumstances we can not guarantee that your Industry Nine hubs or spokes will match any one else's paint, anodizing, colors you see on screen, your sunglasses...etc.

Please note - all anodization is subject to fade in direct UV exposure such as sunlight and tanning booths. Please don't tan with your bike - or leave it on your car or at the trailhead if you want your i9's to remain their most brilliant. Certain cleaners may also affect the finish of your anodized parts. Please use warm soapy water to clean your wheels and hubs.
Industry Nine has gone the extra mile to ensure we offer the best road, gravel and mountain carbon wheels available. We are so confident in our wheels that we are now offering a limited lifetime warranty on all carbon wheelsets sold after January 1, 2018.

The limited lifetime warranty applies to all Industry Nine branded complete carbon wheelsets, applicable to the original owner. Under the limited lifetime warranty, Industry Nine certifies all wheels to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Wear and tear of common and serviceable wear items is not covered.

Industry Nine carbon wheel systems are engineered to be ridden every day and are designed and tested to ensure the strength of the wheels exceed the loads incurred during their intended use1. You can rest assured that if you are on an Industry Nine carbon wheelset, we have you covered.

The warranty applies to all original owners who purchase their wheels from an Industry Nine Authorized Dealer or directly from Industry Nine; wheels purchased through third-party sites will be excluded from the warranty. Any wheel that has been altered, improperly maintained or installed, or modified from its original build will not be eligible for this warranty.

1 If you are riding your wheelset within the scope of their designated use, we will protect your purchase. We can not cover under warranty situations of intentional damage, grossly improper use or acts of god. Shipping costs to our service location will not be covered under warranty, return shipping back to the rider is covered.

We offer a two-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on all Industry Nine products. Industry Nine will repair or replace, at our discretion, any affected components or assemblies. The warranty will apply to stems, MatchStix, hub shells, axles, drive mechanisms, spokes, and rims.

The intended application of Industry Nine products are single rider bicycles. Industry Nine will not be able to provide warranty support or assume liability for hubs or wheels that are utilized outside of their intended purpose. This warranty covers materials and workmanship but does not cover normal wear and tear, such as bearing wear, or damage due to lack of proper service intervals.

Spokes will be warranted against defects, but not trail accidents, drivetrain/frame mechanical failure, or foreign object intrusion.

Aluminum rims are covered under the two-year warranty but are not warrantied for impact or crash damage. Use of non-authorized aftermarket adaptors and/or modification of axles, hubs, spokes or any other component may result in a voided warranty. Modification of rim finish or graphics by use of stripping solvents or chemicals will void rim warranty.

We believe in our product and will try to give Industry Nine customers the benefit of the doubt in any case where the cause of failure is undetermined.

Industry Nine Stems are covered under a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty applies to the original owner and does not cover crash damage, abuse, damage due to improper installation, cosmetic changes due to aging, or use of the product outside of its intended purpose.

Please keep in mind that bicycle parts are subject to impact damage and material fatigue over time and all bicycle products have a finite service life dependent on the type and frequency of use. We recommend that you have your stem and other cockpit components inspected at least once/year by a qualified mechanic to ensure rider safety.

Warranty claims are administered at the sole discretion of Industry Nine and warranty product must be returned to the Industry Nine dealer where the product was purchased or directly to Industry Nine and require an original receipt.

Industry Nine Matchstix tools are covered under a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty applies to the original owner and does not cover crash damage, abuse, damage due to improper installation, cosmetic changes due to aging, or use of the product outside of its intended purpose.

Warranty claims are administered at the sole discretion of Industry Nine and warranty product must be returned to the Industry Nine dealer where the product was purchased or directly to Industry Nine and require an original receipt.
By starting with a 20-25% larger cross-sectional area, our machined 7075-T651 aluminum is equal in tensile strength to any 14-gauge or 14/15 DB spoke available. In many ways, the Industry Nine spoke is much stronger, because we have removed all the weak points (known as stress risers) inherent in the design of a traditional hooked steel spoke. First, the spoke has no bend. This is nothing new, but remains an intelligent design. Most steel spokes fail either at the middle of the bend, or the first thread at the nipple end. By eliminating the bend altogether, the spoke is instantly less prone to fatigue stress failure. Second, the root diameter of the Industry Nine one-piece spoke thread is actually larger than the diameter of the length of the spoke. Other spokes fail at the first thread because the root diameter (the bottom of the thread's “V”) is actually the smallest diameter of the spoke, just where slight relative motions of the nipple apply additional bending forces.
Actually not any more than a traditional spoke. The larger cross-section allows the spoke to act like a very long screw. By using similar very hard alloys in the spoke and hub, and lubrication during assembly, the spokes remain free of corrosion – which is the true cause of frozen nipples, along with metal-to-metal galling that happens with multiple-piece designs. We've also eliminated the need for special tools of any kind. A standard Park Tool SW-0 spoke wrench (.126” /15 ga) fits perfectly. While very similar in practice to truing traditional wheels, the larger thread pitch of our spokes requires a small adjustment in practice, because less rotation is needed to effect the same increase in tension (which is really a measurement of elongation in the case of a spoke). Once the mechanic learns to think in quarter-turns, even 1/8-turns, truing the wheels becomes second nature. We do recommend that the spoke tension be remeasured after an initial break-in period of 4-6 hours.
Obviously, the aluminum spoke is not going to hold up to abrasion as well as steel. We feel the benefits far outweigh the weaknesses. We challenged our test riders to break stuff. In many cases, we have seen spokes chewed nearly in half by maladjusted drivetrains continue to hold tension without adverse affects. We have also seen wheels with half the spokes obviously bent by a foreign object show no loss of trueness. We have even seen wheels with four spokes missing from a derailler failure off the first drop complete a day of downhill runs (after which it did require a new rim). We recommend replacement of nicked or chewed up spokes at the earliest convenience. In short, an Industry Nine wheel will hold up as well, if not better then a traditional steel spoked wheel or other system wheels available to riders today.  
We believe that our own in-house designed Torch Series rims, including our 2015 PillarCarbon by Reynolds Cycling, as well as Stan's No-Tubes rims to be unparalleled in quality and consistency. We also understand that everybody has an opinion about their favorite rim, and we don't know everything all the time. We can mate our Torch series hub and spoke chassis to your 32 hole rim of choice. We will machine spokes to any length imaginable, accommodating almost all 32 hole rims on the market, including those by DT Swiss, WTB, Spank, Derby, NOX, Ibis, Atomik, Whisky Parts Co, Specialized, etc. All we need is the ERD (effective rim diameter) of the rim in question. We may have suggestions or cautionary advice about using certain rims with our hubs and spokes, and our body of experience is continually growing. Due to the mould process and nipple requirements ENVE specifies, we can not build our Torch system chassis to ENVE hoops.

Please work with your LBS to order your Torch System Chassis. For the sake of accountability and quality control we are currently performing the assembly of all Industry Nine wheels in-house.

We DO NOT accept Light Bicycle or Nextie and we reserve the right to decline building on a rim we are unfamiliar with. 
The pawl mechanism of our hubs has a distinctive buzz that gets quieter with break-in time. It has the sound of nothing more than the highest-quality sprung pawl system. Most riders report that the noise is inaudible over the wind at higher speeds. It is loud enough to be heard, yet not so loud as to detract from the experience you are trying to enjoy.
Our near-instant engagement mechanism is not magic, but rather built on solid mechanical principles. Having said this, it is assembled in our facility under highly controlled conditions by persons intimately familiar with its operation. Disassembly by the end user is possible, and fairly easy with the proper tools. To a skilled and versatile mechanic, it will present no problems, especially once we have published an exploded view and service instructions. In the immediate meantime, we recommend contacting Factory Technical Assistance for rear hub service. Hubs that experience failure after unauthorized service can of course be repaired, just not under warranty. 
Industry Nine does supply an extraction cap and/or bolt for our Lefty hubs, or wheelsets built with Lefty hubs.  The bolt will also work with our MatchStix multi-tool handle.
Sorry, but we don't offer our straight pull system hubs/spokes by themselves, for mountain or road/road disc. We want to ensure all of our wheels built with our proprietary chassis be done to our exact specifications for QC and warranty qualification and accountability. The only way to ensure the processes are to our standards is to limit assembly to our approved dealers and distributors. 
Holy 120 engagement points! How strong is your drive mechanism?
The Industry Nine drive mechanism is a fairly simple, tried-and-true pawl arrangement. When engaged, each of the three driving pawls itself has three points, providing nine points of contact to the hardened A2 drive ring. The drive ring has 60 teeth, which would normally allow a 6-degree engagement – among the fastest in the industry. Our proprietary mechanism allows for a second set of three pawls, phased three degrees from the first. This feature cuts engagement time in half, to a mind-blowing three degrees! Our lightning quick take-up has become highly desirable on singlespeeds, twenty-niners, and disciplines with gate starts. We have tested our drive system beyond 700 ft-lbs of torque, which amounts roughly to a super-chipped Ford Power Stroke turbo diesel engine. In over two years of prototyping and testing, we have had zero drive mechanism failures.
Service Guide
PDF Library
Industry Nine Spoke Tension Specification
Indusrty Nine Spoke Tension Specification
These instructions assume a fundamental knowledge of bicycle wheel construction. If you do not understand the terms or possess familiarity with lacing and tensioning spoked bicycle wheels, please take them to a local bicycle shop and have them professionally built.
These instructions assume a fundamental knowledge of bicycle wheel construction. If you do not understand the terms or possess familiarity with lacing and tensioning spoked bicycle wheels, please take them to a local bicycle shop and have them professionally built.
The Industry Nine Torch generation hubs are designed to be simple to service. They can be serviced with basic tools readily available to the home or shop mechanic – no proprietary tools are required for regular maintenance. The hubs can be easily serviced by an experienced bike mechanic or home mechanic with basic technical knowledge and the required tools. In order to properly service Industry Nine Torch Series hubs, we suggest you follow the steps in this guide.
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