970g Industry Nine Road Wheels with Edge Composites Rims

25 août

Source: www.bikerumor.com
SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 - When we showed you Industry Nine's beautiful new road hubs a bit ago, they were working diligently to get them built up and ready for market.  Now, they've put together some of the lightest (and they claim stiffest) road wheels out there.

For the full tech rundown on the rims, check out this post and video, which shows them built with alloy rims.  What they're showing at Sea Otter are two sets of road hoops with Edge Composites' carbon rims.  The set above, dubbed the I25, uses a 25mm deep Edge rim and weighs in at a mere 970g per pair.  They're tubular only, simply because that's the only way Edge makes this rim, but there's the I45 that's available in both tubular and clincher.

And 970g isn't just claimed…we've got them on the scale, along with the I45's, after the break…
They're built up with 18F / 24R hole rims using Sapim CX Ray spokes.  Individual weights are 380g for the front and 590g for the rear.
As you may have guessed, the I45 wheelset uses 45mm deep Edge Composites rims, but they're built the same otherwise.
They're rolling in production right now, and since they use traditional spokes in lieu of I9's proprietary aluminum spoke models, the only production hold up these should experience is getting the rims from Edge.

If carbon rims aren't your thing, you can get the I30 alloy rim wheelset.  Weights are 630g front / 830g rear (1460g / set), and they're available with either black or white rims.
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