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BTAC 2010---Lama Cycles BOOTH

20 septembre

The 2010 BTAC Expo Cycle was a blast. It was goo to see familiar faces and to meet new people. We put in the extra effort to present our products in a way that would attract the eye and let people know how serious we our about our passion for bikes. Take a look:
The new NS soda frames created quite a stir. The sleek design and the attention to detail made these frames stand out.
The new Morewood split pivot Sukuma frame was definitely an attraction. Many people came by to see and touch the new frame that will be landing on Canadian soil early 2011. Fabien Lemasson, an Engineer at Morewood Bikes South Africa made the trip over to answer questions and explain what Morewood is all about.
Kali helmets stood out from the booth with their awesome graphics and colors. Brad Waldron, owner and Engineer for Kali Protectives flew out to fill people in on what Kali is all about.
Creme Cycles, new to Canada, was definitely a hit. Tapping in to a different market, these urban commuters turn more than a few heads. The colors, the attention to detail, the functionality and the price range please many.
A special thanks goes out to the guys who helped us set up the booth: It wasn't easy but we got it 2 days! Your perseverance and hard work is exactly what we need to get this done. So thank you for being part of our family. You guys know who you are ;)
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