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Lama Cycles Dh Team Tremblant Canada Cup #1 and Classic Bromont

30 mai

The last two weekends were very busy for the Lamas with the first Canada Cup of the season in sunny Mt.Tremblant, Quebec and the “Bromont Classic” race in Bromont, Qc. The first weekends together as team are very important in order develop the camaraderie spirit required to make a great team. It makes our summers much more enjoyable to race with good friends. Well this year, once again, we've managed to put together a great team. It only took a few hours and the boys were going at it as if they've been hangin' for years. It's always a good feeling when I walk into our condo and the guys are messing around having fun.
Tremblant is always a fun weekend, not necessarily for what the track has to offer but for the general positive vibe of the place. For many of us east coast riders, it is the first race of the year and usual the second or third weekend of riding. It is always nice to see the race buddies that you haven't seen for the whole winter and have a chance to chat with all the west coast guys that are flying in for the event. Also, Tremblant in the sun means a lot of tourists and vacationers that browse through the pits, check out the bikes and stand in awe before the sport of downhill mountain biking. Needless to say the exposure of the sport and companies involved is very high at these types of events, and that's what the industry needs.
This year, the organizers made a couple of big changes to the 1200 vertical feet of decent (375 meters) which were much appreciated on a track that seldom changed over the past decade. The rock “hole” and the last rock garden were re-worked. The changes were much appreciated since those two were definitely flow killers for everyone, even the top elite. The 12 minute long fire road ride/uphill in the blazing sun remained unchanged though. Well actually, this year we had the choice between a fire road that ended with an uphill or a never ending XC trail (The Sasquatch) that started with an uphill section.
The race went well for most of the Lamas. Christoph Perrault took the second place in the Senior Expert Category. Nick Konow finished 22 in the Elite category. Not too bad considering it was his first weekend on his bike! Justin and Ben unfortunately crashed in their race runs which are part of the racing life I guess…
The Second race weekend took place in Bromont, Qc for the first edition of the 2012 Maaxx Event tour. This two days event proposed a DH race and a dual slalom race as well as some fun on the airbag… The Maaxx Event crew put a lot of time and effort in organizing this event and had big money purses for both DH and Dual slalom elite podiums (A total of 2000$ in cash prizes). We even had a DJ playing good music in our booth for the whole weekend!
The weather was good and the Lamas were definitely motivated by the momentum gained during the past weekend. The two day event meant that we needed to do many runs on Friday in order to know the track well. It was an awesome track mixing technical, fast sections, berms, flat corners and loose rocks. It was the kind of track that seemed easy at first but, in reality, wasn't so easy as speeds increased.
It was without a doubt a good weekend for the team with Ben finishing on the top of the podium (1st place) in the expert category and Justin finishing 13th in the Pro category. Unfortunately, Nick crashed on the last corner of the race leaving him with a 20th place. The same thing happened to Christophe who crashed in one of the flat slippery corners at the end of track for a 9th position.
Next, the team is heading out to Chelsea “Camp Fortune” race on the weekend of the 8th-9th-10th. This success is only possible with the best products, riders and support out there. This success is only possible with the best products, riders and support out there.
In addition to Lama Cycles distribution co. and Morewood Bikes, the Lama Cycles team is sponsored by Industry Nine, Formula Brakes, Nema International, Straitline Components, Kali Protectives, Manitou, Maxxis Tires, GOPRO, Five Ten, Spy Optic, ODI, SDG,, Finish Line, Sport Beans, OGIO, THULE, Camp of Champion, NSK and Khameleon.
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