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Cali Trip 2011

22 novembre

  At's Showdown couldn't have happened at a better time for us up north in Canada. Me and Jeremy were packing up the car for the long road trip just as the first snowfall started coming down. We packed the car to the roof with bikes and all the other essentials for the trip. We were all set with hundreds of granola bars, plenty of water, and about 20 new iphone games to keep us occupied on the drive.
Our day one journey brought us across the border, through Washington and into Hood River, Oregon. We arrived after the sun had gone down but we just couldn't wait until morning so we set out in the dark trying to find the famous Fmx jumps. Unfortunately when you're in a city you've never been in, looking for jumps you've never been too, and it's pitch black out to top things off your chances of success are pretty low. We gave up before too long and checked into a hotel for the night but not before stopping at Safeway for a $8.00 giant sub.
   The next morning we headed back towards the area where the jumps were and with daylight on our side and some directions from fellow riders we found them in no time. The jumps were a lot of fun and a nice way to break up the long drive to San Francisco. Unfortunately we only had about 2 hrs of riding before we needed to get back on the road. A quick stop at Jack in the Box and a couple energy drinks got me the rest of the way through the drive and we arrived in Martinez, California. We were lucky enough to be staying with Jeremy's aunt who graciously took us in and gave us a cozy bed to sleep in and a fantastic dinner every night.

   Friday was practice day! Less exciting than we'd hoped..... We showed up a bit early and everything was pretty muddy. All the landings were covered with a tarp over night so luckily they were still in great shape but in between the jumps was a bit of a mess. Andrew and Greg went straight to work and we were packing in new dry dirt before long. We managed to get a little bit of practice in still before everything wrapped up and it was a relief to get the first couple hits out of the way.
   The morning of the competition we woke up to..... MORE RAIN! Wooohhooo.... I was a little worried but by the time we arrived the trail bossing had already begun and any mud there was had been cleared to the side and everything was getting packed in and was looking fast. The format at this competition was probably the best there has ever been. Basically, they built two identical courses side by side and after an hour long jam for qualifiers, the finalists go head to head elimination until someone is crowned the winner! In practice it seemed like everyone except for maybe 5 people were riding the left side course. I tried to exercise a bit of strategy and ride the right course because chances were whoever I ended up matched up against would want the left side. I was stoked on moving on into finals but as fate would have it I ended up paired against Brett Rheeder who was also riding the right side. I have to say it was a little bit scary switching over to a set of jumps I hadn't ridden and trying to do my line. Both sides were more or less the same but it definitely plays mind games with you. Unfortunately I overshot my flip on the first jump and had to straight air the middle jump to get some speed back. Brett ended up eliminating me and moving on but if I had to get eliminated I was glad it was by my Spank teammate and was happy to see him going to the next round. After being eliminated it was actually awesome just watching the rest of the competition, side by side tricks getting thrown down on huge jumps was one of the coolest things I've seen. Everyone threw down all weekend and I'm sure everyone had a fantastic time, spectators and athletes alike.

   After the competition was all said and done we headed further south down to Santa Cruz to do some work with Fox and ride while we still could. We did some riding at Post Office of course in addition to some other famous Santa Cruz zones. We brought the Gopros along to get a bit of footage and finish off the trip on a high note.

    I'm back home now, surrounded by snow, but that's given me plenty of time to put that footage together and make this short video from the trip. Check it out!

Cali Trip 2011 from Garrett Robertson on Vimeo.

Thanks to my Sponsors for their continued support and making this another fun season of riding!


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