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Goat Style Replacement Event

24 septembre

 Well I'm sure everyone knows by now but Goat Style this year was canceled :(. Luckily for us, SilverStar pulled through and put on their own event for all the riders and spectators to come out and enjoy some racing, dirt jumping and a trials show from none other than Ryan Leech.

 The weekend was a great success and the jumps were tons of fun especially considering every thing had to be put together last second only a couple days before the event. leading up to the contest everyone was over at the COC Airbag dialing in their tricks and I seized the opportunity to brush up on my front flips a bit. It payed off and I landed my first front flip in qualifiers! I was stoked to be the first one to trick the boner log too with a clean tailwhip. Once finals rolled around I got a pretty good run going managing to get the tailwhip off the boner and then a front flip on the first jump but I just couldnt seem to get the flipwhip I wanted on the following jump. Top 3 ended up with Sam Dueck in first who threw down like crazy the whole event, closely followed by Brett Rheeder and Casey Groves.  

 If you couldnt make it out to enjoy all the action Matt butterworth was there to capture all the action!

"Silver Style" Weekend from Matt Butterworth on Vimeo.

 We also met up with Harookz the following morning for a 5am sunrise shoot! It was pretty hard to do tricks that early but we did end up with a sick shot of one of my favorite tricks.

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