Road to Recovery

2 juin

Well I'm still not quite riding yet and its hard not to considering it seems like I can do just about everything else in normal day without too much issue. I've gotten to the point now where I can ride around a pumptrack fine or ride a relatively easy trail. Unfortunately I cant do any real riding without risking making the injury worse because I still have troubles pulling up on the handle bars.

   I have been swimming ALOT lately and I plan to keep it up after I'm healed. It seems to really losen up my joints and is actually somewhat relaxing but its a great workout at the same time. I started out pretty slow only swimming 20 or so lengths in a morning but I'm up to swimming 2 km a day now and at a pretty quick pace as well, I usually swim the first km non stop and that takes me 20-25min. This makes me feel great because I know I'm keeping in good shape in my down time and more importantly that my shoulder will be strong and ready to ride by the time the injury has healed.

 I think I should be able to ride everything next weekend which I am looking forward to needless to say and then the weekend after that I'll probably be ready to start riding hard again. If not sweating it yet but only 3 weeks to claymore so lets hope things stay on track! Hope everyone is out there having a good time riding and staying healthy!

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