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Rossland Fat Tire Fest

17 octobre

 Kelowna weather has been all over the place lately with a lot more rain this fall than we've seen in a long time. It always seems that the rain start coming down hard whenever i'm heading out riding so for Thanksgiving weekend I packed up and headed to Rossland for Fat Tire Fest.

 The crew on this trip consisted of me, Jeremy Weiss, and Tom Van Steenbergen. Everything started of great, we got on the road early Saturday morning so we'd have a chance to check out the jumps a bit before the Slopestyle on Sunday afternoon. We were making good time and were about 30 min outside of Grand Forks in a little town called Greenwood when my back tire more or less exploded, it was literally shredded to pieces. Normally not that big of a deal but I've only owned the car a couple months and whoever put the wheels on last went a little overboard when tightening the lug nuts and the lock nut especially. We managed to get the lugs loose by jumping on the tire iron till they moved but the lock nut started to strip out the tool before it showed any signs of budging. Did I mention that we are in a tiny town with no big businesses and it was a long weekend? I stayed and watched the bikes while Jeremy and Tom rode to the nearest auto shop which luckily had a gas station attached to it and the attendent knew the owner. She called him and he was nice enough to come in on his day off to give us a hand. He ended up getting the lock nut off by hammering on a 12 point socket that was to small and pulling on it with a breaker bar. With that finally sorted we put my spare donut wheel on and it was back on the road. I wasn't too thrilled about driving another hour on a temperary tire and then the 300 kms home the next day but it turned out alright.
    We succesfully made it to Rossland a couple hours later than planned but still a bit of time to ride so we stopped in at the local shop for directions and to sign up for the contest. It turned out registration wasn't open till the next day but they signed us up anyway and I ended up with the number 1 plate which turned my day around a bit. We arrived at the course and got straight to riding. The course was pretty straight forward, a roller to jump, berm then another jump, and then one last roller and the final jump. The jumps were a lot of fun, the weather was great and everyone was super cool to ride with.
  Sunday morning we left the hotel, had the best breakfast ever (omelettes of course!) and got to riding. The format for the comp was something I've never done before and I really liked it. There was no qualifiers or anything just every rider gets 4 runs and there best 3 count. We had to change around our plans for runs a little bit to make sure we'd complete atleast 3 of them and then everything got underway. My first 2 runs I played it safe, run 1 consisted of a tailwhip, no can, and a 360 on the last jump. For run 2 I switched it up a bit and did backflip, tailwhip, 360. Run 3 I stepped it up and frontflipped the first, straight aired the second to get some speed back and 360'd the last. My final run I did the run I really wanted and went front flip, taiwhip, 360 x-up. I was super stoked to get 4 solid runs down and after everyone had done there runs I went for one more just for the croud and did flip whip, t bog, 360. I was pretty suprised to land the flip whip so clean and continue on in the pack and it really topped off the day of riding for me. I ended up winning the slopestyle and best trick which was awesome and completed a great weekend of riding and meeting new people.

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