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Super Sessions 2012

1 avril

  Woodward SuperSessions, wow what a trip! It's my first trip of the season and I'm almost ready to say that its going to be the best of the season.
   Ben Glassen and I started our journey to woodward on the thursday morning before the event. It was going to be tight making it there so we decided to drive through the night. We got what sleep we could along the way and then figured we would stay awake and make it through riding on friday on pure stoke and excitement! It was a good theory but after the 20 plus hour drive and only a couple hours sleep, jumping out of the car and getting riding wasn't as easy as we had hoped. We ended up arriving right at 1 on friday afternoon which was when Super Sessions officially started so there was no time to waste. The facilty is absolutely incredible. It seems like the park is endless, the best way I can think to describe it is that it's like disney world for bikes. I started out in the indoor park at the foam pit and resi, it was a very forgiving way to shake off the early season cobwebs. Before I knew it I was doing all my tricks again like it was mid season and was goofing around trying new random tricks like 720 whips, bike flips and cashrolls (no i wasnt close to landing any of them haha). After the foam pit shenanigans I was pretty run down and exhausted so I figured I'd get a nap in before the foot down challenge and bunny hop competitions.
  Unfortunately when your as run down as I was a quick nap can easily turn into a mini coma. No alarm was about to wake me up and I ended up sleeping right through the first 2 mini competitions of the weekend. I scrambled when I woke up and managed to get back down to the hanger just in time to see Cody taking the win in the bunny hop competition. Luckily the session was certainly not about to end and with a couple more hours sleep to keep me going we rode late into the night, sessioning the indoor park and mini ramp for hours.
  Saturday morning breakfast believe it or not was one of the highlights of this trip. We cruised down to a little restuarant called Papa's. It was around 9 30 so we were a little suprised when we pulled on the front door only to find it was locked. Papa himself came to the door as we were heading back to the car. I think we were all a little confused but he called us inside and explained that his cook wouldnt be there till 11 but we were welcome to make our own breakfast if we wanted! We headed straight into the back, put our chefs hats on and got to work! It was a great way to start off the morning and great to see that everyone in this little town was so stoked on woodward and all the athletes coming through town.

  Not long after breakfast everyone was up at the woodward dirtjumps hoping to give new meaning to the words "mega train". It was a bit windy but that sure wasnt going to stop this eager group from trying. One after one riders were dropping, the train must've been close to 50 riders long. When you finally made it to the last jump you could see the last couple riders dropping in and if you hurried you could catch them and keep the train going. It was pretty cool to have that many riders all flowing through a pack at once but it was a bit of an accident waiting to happen with the wind adding some extra technicality to the line. Luckily it seemed like all the riders were up for the challenge and I'd say it turned out a definate success.
   I spent the afternoon back inside the hanger for what had to be the biggest flair sesh ever. One of my goals for the trip was to take advantage of the fullsize halfpipe and resi and learn flairs. For a while we had Myself, Ben Glassen, Paul Genovese, Mitch Chubey, Aaron Chase, and Eric Johnson all either trying to learn flairs or trying to get them totally dialed in. It was great having a big group of friends like that all working on the same thing and it made getting up and pushing to the top after each slam a lot easier. Our persistance paid off because every one of us landed atleast one flair and the session was capped off with Aaron showing his park skills that we all look up to and pulling a 540 hurricane. It was very impressive especially given the size of the pipe. Then to really complete the sesh and set the mood for best trick Eric Johnson came out of nowhere and tried a hop flair into the pipe. It caught everyone very off guard and was actually really close. I'll be expecting to see you land that one soon Eric!
   With a short break and a solid outdoor barbeque everyone was ready to huck themselves for best trick on the big dirt stepup! Everyone except mother nature that is..... The wind was gusting like crazy and normally I dont think anyone would even consider riding, but this was super sessions! My first 2 hits on the step up I crashed, the wind was so intense that straight airs were probably the hardest thing to do. I figured I was crashing anyways so I might aswell start doing tricks. I stuck 2 clean flatspins on it and was pretty happy just with that. With a bit of encouragement from Paul Genovese I agreed that a flatspin wasnt best trick material so I hiked to the top and dropped in for my first attempt at a 360 double tailwhip. My first 2 attempts were less than perfect but as the session came to its final minutes and Mike Montgomerey stomped a cork 7 I was determined to land it. I spun it, whipped it, and stuck my feet on the pedals as it came underneath me. I came around and landed hard blowing my one foot off as I rode out. Everyone was really stoked and I got several hugs and highfives for my efforts but I knew with the foot down it wasnt going to be enough to beat mike. Luckily the is only the first event of the year and I'm set on getting that trick perfected this season.
   I had my final ride of the trip the following morning, I headed out with a couple of the other BC boys to get some early morning shots at the step up before the rain started to come down. We were hoping for a sunrise shoot but ended up with a gloomy dense fog rolling over the jumps which if anything was probably better. You could see just far enough in front of you to make out where you were going and I'm really excited to see how all the shots turn out. We were at the top of the run in looking at nothing but a wall of fog 30 feet in front of us just listening and trying to guess whether the last rider landed there trick or not. Before long the rain rolled in but we rode until the very last possible moment before checking out of our rooms and starting the long journey home.
  It seems like it all happened way to fast, I met tons of great riders and a couple of the guys I always looked up to growing up. I couldnt think of a better way to kick start the season and can't wait to head back to woodward. Thanks to all the guys at for putting on such a great event and having me out to be apart of it all. Of course Jake kinney and all the good fellas at woodward for making it all possible and as always all my amazing sponsors for there support.

Vital Super Session Highlights from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Check out for more coverage of the event!


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