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My first official blog ever

28 juillet

This is my first official blog ever, so I will try to make it the best I can.  

We are in still in Panorama, BC and the most important race of the year for Canadian racers just ended.  Yes racing can be about results and performance, but for me racing is about having fun, meeting people, riding different tracks and again having fun.  Sure we were very anxious about that race and Yann proved us he had the speed to compete against anybody in Canada, but on that day it didn't happen; a clipped handlebar on a tree on the worst part of the track ended his chances of podium.
Enough on the race, lets go back to the ‘'having fun'' part of my blog.  I've met a lot of people through the years I have been involve in this sport, some were just acquaintance, some became buddies, and some became friends.  When I left home on June 24th for this very trip, I was leaving with Yann and the boys from Lama Cycles, Ben & Justin.
I've met these guys back at the Chrome Fest in 2006 when they started their own company.  Since then they were buddies I would meet at races, but didn't really know them personally; but now after 3 or so weeks on the road with these guys, living with them 24/7 I can totally affirm that they are now my Friends with a capital F.  You know how few people in a life span can get that friend title, but I really think Ben & Justin earned that title.  Sometimes these guys would just feel like old time friends that we would have spend years together, the whole atmosphere felt like brotherhood.
We are in Panorama, BC, one of the most gorgeous places I've been to, surrounded by mountains, rivers, wildlife, and I am enjoying every minutes of it.  We decided to stay here all week instead of driving to Golden or Fernie, just to enjoy that feeling and lifestyle of a quiet place, nice bike-in / bike-out condo, sick trails and good people. Yann Gauvin, Justin Macknish, Benoit Labelle, Sky Gustin, Jeff Bryson, Jamie Biluk, Adriano DiGiacinto, Julien Laramé, it was real nice to meet you and spend times with you here. Oh and by the way Whistler is cool, but for me this is the real shit, because all in all, Whistler isn't real just like our buddy Jeff Young once said, but Panorama IS real, or every other bike park around here for that matter.
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