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Buy a Morewood, save a tree

5 janvier

Source: Morewood UK

Buy one of the first 100 bikes from our 2011 range and you'll also become the owner of a protected rainforest tree in South America for 30 years.

This is thanks to Morewood's support of Treems – a global marketplace that allows anyone to own an individual tree and ensure its protection for 30 years.

Where are the trees?
Treems is protecting trees in the Brazilian and the Ecuadorian rainforest, one of the most species-rich areas in the world. In one hectare of land up to 1000 different species can be found. Under every large tree there are many smaller trees which are naturally being sheltered.

The trees protected in the area range from small to big, with some stretching to over 100m in height.
Why rainforest trees?
Rainforests are responsible for 28% of the world's oxygen turnover, which is important for keeping a natural balance with carbon dioxide levels globally.

Rainforests are also home to about 75% of the world's plant species, and it has been estimated that many millions of species of plants, insects, and microorganisms are still undiscovered.

These species are rapidly disappearing due to deforestation, habitat loss, and biochemical releases into the atmosphere.

Protecting these rainforests is essential to new discoveries and for the natural balance of our planet.

Together we can save our world with a simple yet efficient method: protecting existing trees and their surrounding ecosystems one by one.
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