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First Sunny day in Bromont

17 mai

Ya, believe it! It was sunny Sunday May 17th. OK, maybe we caught a little sun last Saturday but that's only after being drenched for the first 3/4 of the day. So it doesn't really count now does it.
7:30am, rise and shine. It's time to cook a champs brekkie, pack up the brand new pants, gloves, helmet and team Jerseys , grab the brand spankin' new team bike and hit the road towards Bromont. The drive to Bromont is always a pleasant one, knowing what lies ahead. We get there fairly early which usually entitles us to a good parking spot. Nope, not today: the parking is jam-packed with riders flocking to the chairlift. What else should we have expected. After all, its only the second weekend us Quebecers can actually ride Bromont using the chair lifts. And for all you West coast guys who's lives revolve around shuttling, you just can't do much of it here. Access roads are scarce and when they do exist we'd be trespassing and most likely get caught (i.e. driving up Bromont).
So we join the queue and a few minutes later we look back to see that it has doubled if not tripled. Great, next run we'll be sitting in the line-up for ages! Once we get to the top we decide to go for a run on our usual warm-up track which is a combo of the first 1/4 of trail #7 and then cuts off to "the ferns" which I don't think is actually on the map. A nice warm up run and man it feels good to ride in the dry! Getting back in the groove after a winter of non-bike related activities takes a few runs…and that's all we have before launching off the start gate in Mont-Tremblant this Sunday !! No wonder why the podium at the first Canada Cup (usually Tremblant) is crowded with BC racers. They've been riding for 1-2 sometimes 3 months and have already raced a couple of weekends while we're still trying to remember which brake does what.

So our day was pretty awesome although I did get more tanning done in the 45minute-1hour line-up than actual riding (total of 4 runs between 10:30am and 3pm) even if we ate lunch in the queue. I do have a nice tan though.

Still, the last run Ben Labelle, Simon Paquette and myself did down the 19 (The Old Quebec Cup race run) was the best of all 4. Nearing race pace, we plowed through rock gardens and railed through the uneven turns and berms this once-upon-a-time race track has to offer. A few close calls due to the premature eagerness of regaining last year's full speed but all in all a great descent leaving us with a big grin on our tanned mugs!

Well, a few days in the office and we're off to Canada Cup #1 in Mont Tremblant.

Peace out
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