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Mont Sainte-Anne Quebec Championships 2010

19 août

After a great season of riding, we are nearing the end. But it's not over t'ill the Quebec Championships have rolled around! This year, the race took place in Mont Sainte-Anne, which as you probably know from the World Cup circuit, is a pretty gnarly course.  A few changes have made the track shorter than usual and faster in the open section. It truly was a case of “hold-on-to-your-panties” through the high speed section! The weather was hot and dry making the track
Mont Sainte-Anne, what a great place for the Quebec  Champs! A nice three day weekend of riding and racing in the dry sun. This same dry sun contributed to making this shorter-than-usual track into a very fast course. A few lines were changed in the open section that left riders no choice but to pin down as fast as they could… which means nearing 60km/h in one spot under the gondolas.
So as I was saying, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and, well, the riders where charging down the mountain on the dustiest terrain we've seen all summer (except for those of us who've been to Panorama…sheesh!). Everybody seemed to be having fun…and then they start falling. This track claimed an incredible amount of riders. Check out the stats:
220 riders signed up for the race, 175 made it to the finals, 45 DNS or DNF due to injury or mechanical failure/flats. That's 20% that didn't cross the finish line!
We saw so many riders go down hard and being evacuated on 4wheelers that is was scary.
Qualifying went well and was fun, as usual.  Mitch Delfs (AUS) qualified in first place with a 2:08:174
Race day was great! The energy was in the air, riders were confident and the crowd was bigger than usual. Riders took their start in early afternoon and when all was said and done, Local rider Charles Alexandre Dubé took the win and the title with a blazing 2:11:879, closely followed by Lama Cycles rider Yann Gauvin at 2:12:399. Franck Kirscher (Lama cycles) had a great run as well but crashed near the end leaving him in 5th position, which is pretty darn good if you ask me ;)
Next weekend we head to off to Bromont for the last Canada Cup on the schedule. The track has been tweaked and redesigned so everybody I eager to see what Broms has to throw at us!
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Nice Crash Vince!

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