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I've never seen Tremblant so dry!

26 mai

It was one of those situations where "I had to see it to believe it". Two years in a row now that we have been blessed with sunshine for the first Canada Cup in Tremblant. This year, the course was so dry we could actually make it to the start without being covered in mud (and those who have been racing it for several years know what I'm talking about!)

We played it smart this year and arrived on Thursday evening allowing us to settle in our luxurious condo and setup the team booth stress-free. We put the booth up in our usual spot. Creatures of habit I guess.
Ben's mother had prepared two HUGE meals for us: one chicken pie and one lasagna. And when I say huge…I mean humongous!! Take a look:
So at around 8pm we tried to engulf what seemed like an endless supply of homemade food.  JP Simard, one of our techs (!) surprised me by devouring a serving that was ridiculously too big and, originally, meant as a joke... He claimed his last meal was at 11am but…! Speaking of eating a lot, have you seen the new, bigger, stronger and improved Kyle Marshal? Sweet mother of Mary you could swear that boy has been eating kids for breakfast all winter! He grew 2 inches (at least) and packed on 30 pounds of pure racing muscle. Still one of the nicest guys around. He's my favorite independent rider this year ;)
Friday Practice was fun! Still fiddling around with adjustments, compression, sag, rebound and bla bla bla. I just wanted to ride. Before we drove to Tremblant I had only clocked in 9 runs this season. NINE! That's what the BC kids tend to forget. We haven't been riding  for 2 months by the time Tremblant comes around and I recall hearing  Tyler Gnit (aka G-Unit) calling it one of the toughest tracks on the BC/Canada cup schedule.  Listen to me, excuses excuses excuses. But then again if you look at the top 10, only 3 Quebec racers made it in there… I'm just sayin'.
I took it nice and steady on Saturday and clocked some good runs in. Ben and I dissected the track into sections and made sure we knew how to handle each and every one before moving on to the next.  That helped a lot. Many times riders don't stop to look at what they're riding through. Sometimes, even though you're not feeling fast or comfortable going through a certain section, you don't bother stopping and you just keep “making it through” every time, throughout the weekend. I don't like that and I've come to know myself well enough to understand that I need to know exactly where I'm going  and where I need to point my bike in order to be confident and therefore fast . So we did just that: take the time to figure things out.
End of the day=super time…and that in turn means the biggest lasagna I've laid eyes on! After a plate and a half, I roll off my chair and make it to the couch were I spent the rest of the evening. I finally found the courage to walk up to the Red Bull Montes-Descends competition that was going on past sundown. Quite an event: racing downhill in the dark with flashlights strapped to your bike! Check it out REDBULL MONTES-DESCENDS.
Sunday, ohh Sunday. Wake up, hearty breakfast, hurry over to be the first in line for mandatory practice, do my practice run, go back to the condo, change, shower, eat, nap and presto I'm ready for the race. Now my race run went well except for one stall before the slick rock and…my front flat tire at the entrance of the last woods! Tremblant has claimed a couple of race runs with flats for me now so I'm gonna have to figure that one out for next year. It's a shame because I was feeling good on the bike not to mention that I was almost there. But this event hasn't left me empty handed. I'm pretty pumped for the next race in Anse St-Jean and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to accomplish what I set out to do for 2010. I'll fill you in on that later on in the season ;)


P.S. This picture was taken without my knowledge a few moments after I flatted during my race run. I love my facial expression: it says it all!
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