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Moab 2012

1 mai

It has become a tradition for me to go to Moab every spring with friends from Les yables XC team.  This year, we discovered some new trails that are just amazing.  The local riders in Moab work hard to build and to open new trails every year.  This time out, we rode Moab's classic trails like slickrock, sovereign and porcupine rim but we also rode the magnificent 7 trails that start near the canyonlands national park and end up on the edge of Moab.  It does live up to its name.  These trails are magnificent.  It all starts with a shuttle ride to the top of the trail, where you ride through beautiful singletrack by the edge of canyons for about 7 miles.  The flow is constant and it will leave you smiling all the way down.  After we were done with the downhill, we rode up top of gold bar and we came down the Portal trail.  It was an exhausting 4 hour + ride in 35˚C temperature but it was absolutely worth it.
My Mbuzi was just perfect for Moab.  It's got the ideal travel and all of the components worked great.  I am still amazed by the power of the R1 brakes.  The guys from les yables were also running formula brakes and they were blown away by them.  Thanks  to the guys from LAMACYLCES for hooking me up with such a great bike.

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