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2010 Blackmoutain Morewood United Team Presentation

6 avril


This presentation is already a first victory for the 2010 season. It was a long way and It took a lot of phone calls, mails, hours and hours of work to put all the pieces together.
With the help of our sponsors and friends finally we were able to make the team evolve to the international level.

To celebrate, the team spent 1 month in South Africa, back to where it all began. It has been a good opportunity to work on Fabien and Florent's bikes geometry , to ride, to spend time with MOREWOOD's staff and to bring back nice pictures.

United team are passionate people brought together to realise their dreams all in conviviality, have a good time and eventually jump on podiums…
Philippe Lasala / Blackmountain

«BLACKMOUTAIN is proud to continue and expand his partnership with MOREWOOD UNITED.
For BLACKMOUNTAIN it's an opportunity to be closer to mountain bike riders !
To a lot of those people, snowscoot is a good way to practice their sport and feel the same sensations during the winter season.
We spent a lot of time with the team members who we now call  friends more than partners. Fabien and Florent use their experiments to work on developing the product. »
Patrick Morewood & Richard Carter /MOREWOODBIKES

« MOREWOOD BIKES is happy to support the MOREWOOD UNITED team for the second year.
After a promising first season, we know what Fabien is capable of, and we're also very happy to see Florent join the team.
As he's shown in the past, he has a lot of potential and we hope he'll have a fantastic come back season on his custom made Makulu.
We wish both Fabien and Florent all the best for the 2010 World Cup season and we're glad that these two frenchies share the same values and enthusiasm as us at MOREWOOD BIKES. »

Florent Payet / France / 23 years old, DH 2008 European Champion
“Fabien and I are on the same page and the atmosphere is really relaxed.
The outfit rocks and the sponsors are motivated which makes me confident for my come back on the circuit.
The South African trip helped me to work on the geometry of my MOREWOOD bike which is perfectly adjusted at my 1m97.
It's really good to be back on a bike. I can't wait for Maribor !!!”
Fabien Cousinié / FRANCE /23 years old , DH, 4X and Enduro rider and owner of the team.
« This year is one filled with challenges !
I'm already in the starting blocks willing to make everything possible.
On the sporting aspect I want to be constant in the top 20 on world cups with still being able to be on the podium in 4X and Megavalanche.
On the other hand I will still be responsible to manage and develop new projects for the team.
But mostly too this year will be the last one of my Master degree at Pau Business school. After this I'll be able to be at a 100% in the mountain biking.
Even if all upcoming  team responsibilities take a lot of my time, it gives me more motivation when I'm doing what I like the most, ride my bike.
I want to thank the team members, my family, but also my schoolmates who with their essential help made everything possible. »

The program is simple : go to the nicest races and events in the world !
Sea Otter, Avalanche Cup, Mégavalanche, World cups, Crankworx and few France cups.

We wanted to use what's  best out there for our bikes, I guess we are not that far :  

Frame /                                 MOREWOOD MAKULU /
Fork/                              BOS IDYLLE RARE “10 YEARS series”/
Stem/ Handlebar /            SPANK SPIKE/
Derailleur/ Shifter/            SRAM X.0 /
Brakes /                                 FORMULA The ONE /
Seatpost /                          THOMSON MASTERPIECE/
Cranks/Pedalier /               RACEFACE ATLAS DH/
Chain guide /           SHAMAN RACING HERO/
Pedals & wheels/               CRANK BROTHER MALLET& IODINE/
News /////// //////  Vidéos

The team produce video with the mind set on improving our way to communicate and share our adventures to the maximum of rider.
The team has completed 3 videos showing in a different way our team presentation in South Africa.

Here's the teaser :

This will be a good introduction to what we will be doing all year to share images
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