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2010 Lama Cycles Race Team unveiling

14 mai

Lama Cycles, the Canadian distributor for NS Bikes, Morewood Bikes,  Industry Nine, Kali Protective and Straitline Components  is proud to announce its official DH team for 2010. For a fourth year in a row, the Lama Cycles team will take part in the Quebec Cup events, the Canada Cup events, BC cup events and will also be attending the two North American World Cups. Throughout the 2010 season, the team will be training for these events on their Morewood Makulu Bikes at the local DH hill, Bromont.  

The team's main goal is to offer the best possible exposure for its athletes and to further their recognition and reputations on the provincial and national cycling scene. By offering professional support, Lama Cycles contributes to athlete's constant progression and motivation.
For the past 3 years, the Lama Cycles team has ranked amongst the best in both Canada Cup and Quebec cup events.
2007 Season
-1st overall ranking on the Quebec Cup Senior elite
-4th overall ranking on the Canada Cup Senior elite
2008 Season
-1st overall ranking on the Quebec Cup senior elite
-Quebec Champion title senior elite
-2nd overall ranking on the Canada Cup senior elite

2009 Season
-18 podiums (8x 1st places, 6x 2nd places, 1x 3rd place, and 3x 4th place)
-2 racers selected on the provincial team
-3 racers selected on the national team
-Quebec Champion title junior expert
-1st overall ranking on the Quebec Cup junior expert
-1st overall ranking on the Quebec Cup U16
-2nd  National championship
-3rd  overall ranking on the Canada Cup senior elite
"Motivated by the building momentum, we selected the 2010 racers for their ambassadorship, personality, dedication to the sports and their race results.  It is hard to find good hearted fellow sportsmen who share the same values and aspire to the same goals. To team up with down to earth racers who know what they are talking about and aren't afraid to be the leaders they are, or have become, makes all the difference. We believe it is this difference that sets apart the good teams from the remarkable ones"
-Justin Macknish, Lama Cycles Racing team Director
Lama Cycles is proud to announce Yann Gauvin on the 2010 team roster.
Age: 20
Category: Senior Elite
‘'Last season was really great and intense, but I really think this season will top it off.  I have now the chance to race for one of the biggest DH team in Canada and I am really proud of it.  I will also have the chance to have JP Simard at my side again for another year which will help me a lot.  All elements are now in place in order to have the best possible support.  Ben and Justin are both serious guys that know where they're going so I'm not worried at all. The Morewood Makulu  was on the short list of DH bikes I wanted to race on; decked with all the best components out there, it is another plus. I've really trained hard all winter putting efforts where it matters most, so I'm utter ready for this racing season. With the National Championships out west and a World Cup on US soil, I can't wait for the start of the season.  I will have the chance to train with the best junior rider, Guillaume Labrie, and also with my best friend Franck Kirscher from whom I can't stop learning.''

Past results:
-1st overall ranking on the 2009 Quebec Cup, Elite
-3rd place at 2009 4x national Championships, Elite
-13th place at 2009 Canadian National Championships, (1st in seeding, crash during race run)
Lama Cycles is proud to announce Franck Kirscher on the 2010 team roster.
Age: 26
Category: Senior  Elite
Franck started racing MX, in France, in the Amateur category at the age of 18 years old until he was 22.  He then switched to DH racing in 2006.  From then on, he strived for the top of the podium even though the competition was very high in his country.  He was vice-champion in his region and achieved top 25 in the Elite category in the French Cup series.  Franck traveled to Quebec in 2007 and immediately liked the Canadian downhill racing scene.

Past results:
-9th overall ranking on the 2009 Quebec Cup, elite
-7th place at 2009 national Championships, elite
-6th place at 2009 Ste-Annes Quebec  Cup, elite

‘'When I entered my first race on the Quebec scene back in 2008, there was one team that really impressed me: it was the Lama Cycle race team. They had the best bikes, a mechanic, a super professional setup, and two racing maniacs as team managers! I remember saying to myself: it would be great to race for those guys... And finally two years later I'm more than happy to be part of the Lama family. Guillaume is super fast, and Yann too, we were training together last year and still will. Having JP Simard as our personal mechanic for me and Yann is almost too much! The bikes are going to run smooth & clean!  I am really looking forward to actually racing on the Makulu, because it is seriously one of the best bike on the circuit. My goals for this year are to finish in the top three Elite in the Quebec Cup overall, race the World Cup in Windham, and finally ride as much as possible to gain speed through the season. And again, big thanks to Ben, Justin and JP for giving me this opportunity!''
Lama Cycles welcomes the young gun, Guillaume Labrie, for a second year in a row.  
Age: 16
Category: Junior
«We are very proud to have Guillaume onboard this year again.  Guillaume showed us what he was capable of by dominating the U16 category and we are very confident for his first year as a junior».---Ben Labelle, Team Manager---

Past results:
-1st overall ranking on the 2009 Quebec Cup, U16
-1st place at 2009 Ste-Annes Quebec  Cup, U16
-2nd place at 2009 Bromont Canada Cup, U16
-3nd place at 2009 Tremblant Canada Cup, U16
-4th place at 2009 national Championships, U16
Lama Cycles is proud to announce Sky Gustin on the 2010 team roster.
Age: 17
Category: Junior
«We met Sky last year through one of our former racers, Simon Garstin, while attending the Port Alberni Island cup finals. Sky impressed us with his speed and ability to perform under pressure. He is a dedicated rider that truly enjoys racing and everything surrounding the mountain biking community. He is a great addition to our racing family and we look forward to spending the summer with him. »

Past results:
-2nd place 2009 Port Alberni DH, junior
-4th place 2009 Arduum BC Cup, junior
-3rd place 2009 Panorama BC Cup, junior
-3rd place 2009 Mt.Washington BC Cup, junior
In addition to last year team mechanic, Alexandre Ouelette, we are proud to add experienced mechanic JP Simard to our team.  JP will take care of Yan's and Franck's DH bike while Alex will take care of Guillaume's and Sky's bikes.  Needless to say, their mechanic and racing experience should add to the prestige of our race program.
‘'I am super happy to join my team to the Lama Cycles Race Team for the 2010 season.  This setup should be one that others will look up to.  Full setup, excellent sponsors, top of the line components, World Cup worthy DH bike, 4 top racers and 2 mechanics; its almost a dream come true. I am really excited to help Yann and Franck achieve great things again this year.  Swing by our setup if you want to see what racing is all about!'' JP Simard—Team mechanic
This success is only possible with the best products, riders and support out there. We would like to welcome our new sponsors to the Lama Cycles team for 2010 and thank continuing sponsors for their commitment to the program.

In addition to Lama Cycles distribution co. and Morewood Bikes, the Lama Cycles team is sponsored by Industry Nine, Kali protectives , Straitline Components, Formula Brakes,  Alpinestars, Elka Suspension, Maxxis Tires, Spy Optic,, Cane Creek, Finish Line, ODI, SDG, , sport beans, OGIO, THE, Race Face, THULE, Dirt
We invite you to meet up with our riders at SkiBromont where we frequently ride and to follow up on the team's evolution throughout the season at, twitter, Youtube, Vimeo
Lama Cycles distribution of bicycles, parts, helmets, DOT helmets  and accessories. NS Bikes Canada, Morewood Bikes Canada, Industry Nine Canada, Kali Protectives Canada,  Straitline Components Canada. Lama Race Team attends Bromont, Mont Tremblant, Mont Sainte Anne, Anse Saint-Jean, Camp Fortune, Panorama, Sun Peaks, race the Ranch, Windam, etc. Associated with Camp Of Champions, Dirt,,, Race Face, Alpinestars, Elka Suspension, Ski Bromont, Five Ten,  Formula Brakes, Finish Line, Cane Creek, Industry Nine, Kali Protectives, Maxxis tires, Morewood Bikes, Ogio, SDG components, Spy optics, Strailine Components, ODI, Jelly Belly, THE industries, Oxyxgène Santé
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