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2014 Bike Check: Dylan Papazian-Clare

24 avril

We're happy to welcome young east coast shredder and amateur videographer Dylan Papazian-Clare! Dylan has been under the Lama's radar for the last year and he has truly done some good work with his local Lincoln Riders crew! Jesse and him already make a great duo, so we can't wait to see how much fun they both will have through bike riding this summer! For now, a little more about Dylan as well as his 2014 NS Majesty!
Name: Dylan Papazian-Clare
Age: 17
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 150 Pounds
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Sponsors: LamaCycles, Lurk Clothing 
Years riding: 4 
Frame: 2014 NS Majesty Dirt 
Fork: 2012 RockShox Argyle RC
Bars: 2014 NS Proof
Stem: NS Quark Pro
Grips: Sam Pilgrim Legend
Headset: FSA Impact
Seat: Odyssey Pivotal
Cranks: 2014 Octane One 2 Piece Pro Cranks 
Pedals: 2012 NS Aerial Pro
Bottom Bracket: Octane One
Sprocket: DMR Spin (25 tooth)
Chain: Spank Half-Link
Tires: F: Schwalbe Table-Top / R: Random Specialized tire
Front Hub: 2012 NS Rotary 20
Front Rim: 2012 NS Trailmaster
Rear Hub: 2012 NS Singlespeed Pro
Rear Rim: 2012 NS Trailmaster
Brakes: No Brakes for me!
Any modifications?
Nothing at all! Just running a basic brakeless MTB!

Why do you ride that particular frame?
I really enjoy the Majesty dirt because I am used to dirt geometry and find it very comfortable on all the different kinds of riding ( Dirt Jumping, Street, Park etc..) Also the build quality is awesome and it's a pretty light frame too!

Your impressions on your new ride?
I'm really stoked on it and I think the new frame looks great along with all the other parts I received! I've been riding the same setup for the past two years so it's nice to get some fresh stuff on my bike. I really like the Lemon Lime colour scheme and this frame just adds to it in such a great way. Overall, I am really pleased with everything and stoked to ride all season!

Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs?
I used to care a lot about weight and currently my bike weighs 26.5 pounds, but I really don't care anymore because all that matters is how it feels and that I get to ride it as much as possible.
We all know Canada doesn't see the best weather this time of year... How have you been passing the winter months? Where have you been getting most of your sessions in?
I actually broke my ankle last November so I missed out on most of my regular winter activities right up until late Febuary, but now that I have recovered I have been snowboarding quite a bit. For biking in the winter, we made our annual trip to Le Taz on the March break and got to ride there. Other than that though its been mostly parking garage sessions and that's it!

What are your plans once the weather warms up? Any trips you're trying to make happen? 
Once the weather gets warmer (whenever that will be) I want to make a few trips to Moncton and Barthurst. My friends and I will probably hit up Halifax at least twice this year and hopefully make it to Montreal at least once more during the summer to ride some street and park!
How can people keep up with you these days?
Facebook: Dylan Papazian-Clare
Instagram: @dpapclare

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
I'd like to thank all of my friends and family who support me and everything I do for biking! Shout out to Mike Barnhill and Kyle Barr for being awesome. Jillian Shaw because she puts up with all my bike talk too ;P. Also Tiffany Drost for being badass and keeping Big JesseD in check  

Here's their best of 2013 in the meantime!
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