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2014 Bike Check: Kent Woods

9 août

After dropping a super clean video last week, Kent gives us some good insight on his 2014 NS Bikes Suburban, which as you might of guessed, is equally as dialled as Kent's riding in the video! Thanks to the one and only Kenny Maclaughlin for the mint photos.
Name: Kent Woods
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
Location: Kincardine, ON
Sponsors: LamaCycles, NS Bikes, The Rise
Years riding:Honestly, forever
Frame: NS Suburban Dirt
Fork: Fox 36 Float 90mm
Bars: NS Distrcit
Stem: O1 50mm raw
Grips: NS Pilgrim
Headset: O1
Seat: O1 seat & post combo
Cranks: Premium
Pedals: O1 plastic
Bottom Bracket: O1 external euro
Sprocket: Premium
Chain: O1 half link
Tires: KHE MAC2 dirt
Front Hub: NS Rotary 20mm
Front Rim: Mavic 721
Rear Hub: NS Rotary Pro
Rear Rim: Atomlab Trailpimp
Brakes: Nada
Ever since i was a weight weenie back when i was 14 or so, id always hack my seat post off super short, and i still do today haha. I also cut the flanges off my Pilgrim grips and then run the grip back words so the ends are on the inside. The ends are slightly flared so it's like a mini flange to but my hand up to. Thats about it!

Why do you ride that particular frame?
Being a taller rider ive always needed that longer top tube to make me feel more comfortable on the bike. The Suburban frame offers a perfect TT size for me, at 22.6'' it gives me tons of room for barspins and movement with other variations but also still allows the bike to feel so quick and twitchy. Two huge factors for me when it comes to picking the perfect set up. 
Your impressions on your new ride?
Honestly, its perfection. I think i've ridden a blacked out bike for almost 6-7 years straight and to finally change things up with this amazing flat titanium colour way, has me way to stoked! seriously the most dialled looking, and dialled feeling bike ive ever built. To stoked on how it all came together!

Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs?
I'm not to concerned on the weight of my bike anymore. I've been really fortunate to ride such badass components the last few years and luckily, they are pretty damn light!

We all know Canada doesn't see the best weather this time of year... How have you been passing the winter months? Where have you been getting most of your sessions in?
Yea, it can be rough for sure, especially being so isolated in such a small town like Kincardine for most of the winter. Ive been fortunate enough to ride All-In skatepark in Zurich Ontario and also have had some pretty awesome session at joyride with my toronto boys!
What are your plans this summer? Any trips you're trying to make happen? 
This summer has been pretty decent so far. Fresh weather has made riding that much better! Been fortunate enough to make it to Montreal and travel to toronto a few times to do lots of shredding. And when i'm back at home, i always gotta hit up my local park just out side of town in Port Elgin!

How can people keep up with you these days?
Facebook: Kent Woods
Instagram: @kentbawoods

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
Would love to thank Lama cycles and NS Bikes for helping me out huge for the past few years. It has, and will continue to be a blast riding with you guys! Also, huge thanks to The Rise for being the sickest online blog and swag distributor out there! and also for always having an open door for me and giving me an amazing time in Montreal! You boys are the best! And also, would love to thank the rest of my friends and family and my gorgeous girlfriend for always giving me tons of support over the years and being the best for helping me out whenever possible!
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