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2014 Bike Check: P-L Arseneau

30 avril

East coast street shredder P-L "bodybuilder" Arseneau checks in with his 2014 ride, a custom painted NS Majesty Park. His "The Spot" series will be back online in no time featuring two new Lama grassroot riders, Jesse Drury and Dylan Papazian-Clare! This trio will most likely surprise you with their progression throughout the summer but most importantly with the camaraderie between them! For now here's Pierre-Luc's bike check and quick interview.
Name: Pierre-Luc Arseneau
Age: 18
Height: 5ft8
Weight: 180lbs
Location: Bathurst, New-Brunswick
Sponsors: LamaCycles
Years riding: 5
Frame: NS Majesty Park 2011 Painted
Fork: Fox float 36 rc2 lowered to 70mm
Bars: NS District 
Stem: Soon to be NS Quantum
Grips: ODI O grips
Headset: No name
Seat: Octane One
Cranks: Octane One 2 piece pro
Pedals: Nice Pedals
Bottom Bracket: Octane One
Sprocket: No name
Chain: KMC 710sl
Tires: Geax booze light and Mac 2 dirt
Front Hub: Formula
Front Rim: Single track
Rear Hub: NS Primary Cassette
Rear Rim: Mavic 721
Brakes: NONE
Any modifications?
Came back with my old 2011 Majesty Park frame this year, best frame I've ever had so I had to get my hands back on it, I now ride a big Fox Float 36 up front too!

Why do you ride that particular frame?
I ride the Majesty Park for many reasons, I personally think it's the best Park/Street frame you can get. It's the lightest frame around, it's really strong, mine is a 2011 and still going strong! it's so easy to move around and to spin and hop! It's the perfect frame for me.

Your impressions on your new ride?
It's seriously just perfect, makes riding so easy and enjoyable!

Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs?
OF COURSE I AM. My bike currently sits at 24.8lbs, a while back it was 22.3lbs so you can say I'm a weight weenie.
We all know Canada doesn't see the best weather this time of year... How have you been passing the winter months? Where have you been getting most of your sessions in?
Yeah this winter has been brutal so I had to escape and get to Montreal for a week to ride Le Taz indoor park with other Lama buddies!! Other than that I still have to wait for Summer to arrive if I wanna ride my bike.

What are your plans once the weather warms up? Any trips you're trying to make happen? 
So many plans for this riding season, Highland, Montreal, BC trip, Halifax trip! gonna be insane!

How can people keep up with you these days?
Facebook: Pierre-Luc Arseneau
Instagram: @Drpepperrider2
Twitter: @Drpepperrider2

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
Of course I would like to thank Lamacycles and NSbikes for giving me the opportunity to ride the best bikes out there! Thanks for the support you guys are truly the best in the business! Also special to Stéphane Bélanger our Team Manager for being such a good guy and to get us stoked to ride bikes!
In the meantime, here's his latest edit. Stay tuned for more!
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