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Garrett Robertson @ Colorado Freeride Festival

3 août

" With Claymore being canceled this year I was really looking forward to CFF as it's one of the bigger events of the season for me and one that has some sizeable features on course which I tend to feel more at home on.
The course this year was absolutely fantastic and everything flowed great with almost no braking or pedaling needed. All the jumps had huge 8-10 ft tall lips and were so much fun to float off of. Its the kind of course that I wish I could have in my backyard and ride everyday. I was having lots of fun in practice messing around on the course and doing a couple tricks.
I was feeling pretty good and confident about most things in my run I was just really nervous about spinning the top drop. I hadn't spun many drops this season and nothing close to the size of this one since last season. Qualifying rolled around with surprisingly nice weather and minimal wind. I was set to drop about 10th with nothing on my mind but spinning the drop. I was getting really nervous as I got closer to dropping. It's always tough when the thing your most scared of is the first thing in your run.
Logan dropped in front of me with a clean 360 off the drop and a dialed run to follow which got me pretty pumped and ready to go. I dropped in and as soon as I popped I knew it was good. I felt relieved and excited coming into the wall, maybe too excited as I almost jumped over the thing! I jumped up into the whale tale and when I backflipped out I bounced a little bit on the landing and lost some speed. I still went for the downside whip but as soon as I kicked it I knew I was going to case so I basically braced for impact. It wasn't how I wanted my first run to go but I was feeling good and confident for my next run.
My second run started off great with a clean 360 and flip off the step down. I had perfect speed for the downwhip this time and caught it early. I was looking to the next jump but when I landed my tires started to slide out on me and I washed out again. I couldn't believe it and was really disappointed to not finish my run. Watching the rest of the runs was awesome and everyone was throwing down sick clean runs.

Watch Garrett's qualification runs at the 0:20:50min and the 1:31:35min mark.
Watch Garrett's qualification runs at the 0:20:50min and the 1:31:35min mark.
Its time for redemption and I'm headed home for Center of Gravity! I'm really stoked on spinning drops after this weekend and can't wait to get home and have some fun putting lines together at my hometown event."

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