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Garrett Robertson @ GoPro Games 2013

22 juin

''Go Pro games was an event that I will definitely remember for quite some time. I received an email a couple days before the event with a course design and preview. I saw that they were planning on including an open loop on the course pretty much decided right then that I would be hitting that line.
Nerves started to set in when we arrived on Thursday for practice. The loop in person was insanely tall and just looking at it was pretty intimidating. After talking to some other riders I was surprised to hear that most people had no intention of hitting the loop. Personally I have always wanted to hit something like that and who knows when I'd have another opportunity to ride such a unique feature. I was suiting up for practice with nothing but that loop on my mind; I had no intentions of testing it but nobody I had talked to even wanted to hit it so I figured I might as well just get it done. I took a practice run into the loop and then went for it. My first 2 tries went fairly well, over rotating and landing a little low. We moved the take off a couple inches closer and it made a world of difference. On my third try I landed right at the top of the transition and rode away with a huge smile on my face.
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