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Lama Highland MTB Park Roadtrip

2 août

This past weekend, LamaCycles was on location at Highland Mountain Bike Park for the annual Claymore Challenge. Our team manager Stephane Belanger made the trip with videographer Vincent Allard to meet up with our west coast homie Garrett Robertson, who was competing in the event. Sam Croteau and Parappa couldn't resist to come along too, so they arrived on friday night. Check out that roadtrip video!
The entire mountain has everything you need to progress as a rider. If you feel like practicing tricks you have the HTC which is an indoor facility with foampit jump/drop, resi jump/drop, many movable obstacles like the actual boner log setup and freebird kickers. This place is just off the hook!
Then you can move on to Sherwood Forest where you have two nice set of trails perfectly shaped and rock solid to ride! After that you can take your tricks from the HTC to the actual Claymore Challenge slopestyle course! This thing is a really gnarly course and all of our east coast homies we're impressed by the actual size of the jumps, drops and various obstacles! Of course our west Coast homie is used to that kind of stuff and had a blast riding and tricking the course.
The Flat Drop
GoPro Boner Log
Unfortunately, Garrett did not end up qualifying as his tire blew up overshooting a 360 on one of the last jumps. Qualifying spots were hard to get as all of the best riders in the world showed up and only 15 of them made the finals.
"This is actually the best and most fun slopestyle course I've ever ridden! I want to move here!" -Garrett Robertson
Then we had the Teva best trick contest, which took place on the 30 and 40 foot freebird jumps. The riding level was just insane as we saw Matt MacDuff do a perfect superman seatgrab to tailwhip, Cam Zink got all motocross and did a holy grab (just like a rock solid, but completely letting go of the bike), Soderstrom did a triple whip, Mike Kent did a 360 backflip, Justin Wyper was trying really hard to get a frontflip tailwhip, Garrett Robertson did a super slow-mo frontflip and it all came down to Yannick Granieri doing a backflip double tailwhip over the 40 footer and 16 year old Tom Van Steenberger doing an insane frontflip barspin over that same 40 footer! We were a bit disappointed when the judges chose Yannick over Tom...
The next day was a filming day with Garrett and the homies. All the guys threw down really hard on that session!
Meeting up with Garrett was really sick and we had a real blast hanging out and riding together!
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