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Lama Homie @ Woodward, PA!

7 novembre

Couple weeks ago, Lama Homie Alexandre Paradis went on a weekend trip with his buddies to Woodward, PA!

''Last week I made the 10 hours drive to Woodward, Pennsylvania with my good friends Joel Marchand, Vince Paquin and J-F Gagnon. The place was just awesome, loads of insane skateparks everywhere & even a Megaramp! Kinda broke my heart when the Woodward staff told me it was too dangerous to ride without paramedics near. We had enough time on the first night to visit the parks and eat some foam before went for a good night sleep in our crazy clean room!''
''Next morning, after that delicious breakfast Woodward gave us, we had a blast riding the two indoors parks. I used to be afraid to flip, but having that beautiful foam pit, pushed those fears far away and believe it or not two hours later I was doing them on the resi jump! My buddy J-F was so pumped, he was trying frontflips on it already! Having access to a foam is such a treat! Unfortunately, Joel hurt his thumb and I hurt my heel (again) trying crazy stupid tricks in the foam.''
''Food was the word after such a big day, so we went out the the nearest town to buy some food and we met some cool people called Amish. They wear nice hats and they even have their own parking at the grocery store!''
''That night, my friends were too tired to ride. I decided to self flim some clips and make a small edit to have as a souvenir of my trip. Nothing too crazy went down that night priot to hurting my heel in the morning. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed riding over there! Ummm don't think thats actually possible''
''Next day was cleaning up and driving another 10 hours back... We had a great time and I'll be back next year for sure and I'll make sure I bring some Lama homies with me!''
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