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Lama Rides: Brad Mills

1 octobre

Brad has been riding for LamaCycles / NS Bikes since June and is enjoying this season on board a brand new NS's Decade. To know more about Brad & his sweet ride, peep just below for a Q&A + a complete bike check. Here's also his latest video from his trip to BCN with fellow team rider Stephane Pelletier.
 " I’m a dirt jump and downhill rider from Vernon, BC but recently moved to Kelowna. I like getting out for a ride with the boys anytime I can and just enjoy rolling around on two wheels! I always try to stay as smooth and flowy as possible no matter what I’m riding. I’m definitely a builder at heart and have built my own set of jumps as well as cut in some DH trails so I’ve always got something to ride that gets me stoked! "

- Brad Mills

Frame: NS Decade
Fork: Fox 831
Bars: Deity CZ38
Stem: Straightline
Grips: Raceface lock ons
Headset: FSA
Pedals: Deity Decoy
Cranks: Raceface Turbine
Bottom Bracket: Raceface
Sprocket: Raceface 
Chain: not sure
Seat: Deity Divot
Tires: Maxxis Crossmark
Front Hub: Industry nine
Front Rim: Industry nine DH
Rear Hub: Industry nine
Rear Rim: Industry nine DH
Brakes: Avid Elixir
Why do you ride that particular frame? 
I’ve always been a fan of aluminum dirt jump bikes, I like that they’re lighter and more rigid than chromoly. I liked the look of the Decade and am really happy with how it feels cruising through jumps and ripping around. 

Your impressions on your new ride?
Definitely liking the new frame, very smooth and solid feel to it. Comfortable geometry that feels good on and off the ground.

Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs? 
I try to keep my bike as light as I can but don’t stress much if its got acouple heavy parts. I want to know how much it weighs but keep forgetting to weigh it whenever I’m at the bike shop haha

How’s life outside of biking? Do you go to school? What kind of work do you do? 
Life outside of riding is good, I’m an electrician which is usually enjoyable. It keeps me busy and pays the bills but I’m always looking forward to work being done so I can go ride my bike or hangout at the lake. When the snow hits and I can’t ride my bike snowmobiling is what keeps me satisfied for the winter!
Best way people can keep up with you?
I try to keep on top of instagram posts, that where most my riding photos end up. 
Instagram? @braddmills

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
Definitely a shout out to all the boys at Skyride Cycle my local bike shop, they’re always super helpful whenever I need any help with my bikes. 0 commentaire

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