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6 avril

Last weekend, myself, Sam Croteau and Louis Lhomel went all the way down to St-Thomas, ON for the Rizzi's MTB comp. Overall amazing weekend, got to meet up with teammates and see them shred the park.  Ryan Korpikoski, Brayden Barrett-Hay, Kent Woods & Andrew Bigelow were all in attendance.  

Some highlights include; Ryan 360ing to footjam in 3-4 tries, Brayden landing a 360 whip and double pendulum(4 no-foot cans), Kent Woods riding crazy smooth and linking up big lines while making good use of the entire park and Biggs laying out his dialled impressive bag of tricks as well as 180ing the box jump!!!

Winners were Nick Clarke in 3rd, Brayden & Kent tying for 2nd and Bigelow in 1st!  Thats a really good start for Andrew since he also won the Odd Couples contest recently so thats a 2 in 2 for 2011!

After the contest we headed out to grab some food and came back to ride some more during the afternoon.  We managed to get a good clips before Louis' camera ran out of battery haha!  Check 'em out below!

The day finished in the Biggs' basement a.k.a. 'The Man Cave' where we had a wild party with all the homies!

Next morning was rough and we had an eight hour drive back to Montreal... We decided to stop at the Belleville skatepark.  Pretty much beats all the skateparks in Quebec, so it was really worth the stop! We got some clips on my camera as well as some pics you can check out below.
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You guys were in my ghetto!!

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