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Lamas @ Silver Style 2013

12 septembre

For the first time, all of our West Coast team was at the same place at the same time! We had Lama Homies Garrett Robertson, Aeron Learmonth, Stephane Pelletier, Elliot Andal & Lama Buddy Glenn King competing in this years Silver Style hosted by Silver Star Mountain Bike Park! Here's a wrap up story from Garrett along with photos and videos from the team at the contest.
Garrett - 5th
"I'm always looking forward to this event because just like Center of Gravity it is a bit of a hometown event for me and I'm always really hoping to do well. I've always had a habit of going for broke and trying to lay down a winning run and then crashing out instead at this event. Luckily I didn't do that this year. This was one of the last events of the season for me and the course had a nice mix of features with everything very trickable so I was really excited to compete. Qualifiers was a jam format and a pretty long one so I took my time and only did a couple runs, I had practiced most everything I wanted to so I didnt want to wear myself out doing run after run.
The course complete with a Skinny/Boner to start things off, into a sniper step up jump. Around a berm and off a drop into the main kicker. A quarter/hip and then finally a small creek gap into the last feature a whale tail.
For qualy's I did a 1 foot x-up off the boner, tailwhip on the step up, 360 the drop, backflip the jump into a 270 on the quarter and finishing it off with a backflip up onto the whale tail and a 360 off. After a little break for some finals practice I tried a 270 whip on the quarter/hip and it worked great so I decided to incorporate it into my finals run. 12 of us moved onto finals and I was happy to qualify 4th so I got to take my runs close to the end. My first run was going great, I stepped up my qualy run by doing a backflip off the boner log and a flip whip on the jump. I came in to do the 270 whip again and I must've lost some speed because i landed sooner than I expected and hit the dirt as I was trying to catch the whip. For my second run I did the same run but just went with the 270 on the hip and completed it with the backflip up and 360 off the whale tail. I thought I had a podium run for sure but things didnt go my way I ended up in 5th place. I was a little dissapointed but pretty happy with the way I rode and the whole weekend was a ton of fun! I'm off to enjoy the last few days off trail riding this season at Silver Star! Get up here while you still can and look for my new edit where I take you for a run down prostar/walk the line coming out next week!"
Aeron Learmonth - 6th
Stephane Pelletier - 11th
Glenn King - 12th
Elliot Andal
Elliot who is more of a street/park rider did not manage to qualify, however he is currently working on a second banging edit! More to come soon!
Official contest video provided by Virtu Media
•Anthony Messere 88.00
•Tom Van Steenbergen 80.50
•Noah Brousseau 75.50
•Corbin Selfe 73.50
•Garrett Robertson 72.00
•Aeron Learmouth 69.50
•Will McGarvey 69.00
•Reilly Horan 68.00
•Ryan Vanderhoek 65.00
•Canton Garvey 59.50
•Stephane Pelletier 57.50
•Glenn King 48.50
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