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Shop Stop #1: Video, Photos & Report

24 mai

May 12th was the first ever Shop Stop of our East Coast street crew and boy it was fun! The location was at ZM Cycle & Fitness in Toronto, Ontario and close to 30 riders came out and spent the day with the us! Thanks to Ziggy, Tate and the rest of the staff at ZM for welcoming us with awesome music, Polish style hot-dogs on the BBQ and an amazing overall vibe throughout the day! Check out our trip video just below courtesy of Louis Lhomel.
First spot was a school yard just down the street from the shop. Cool long little banks to get everyone riding and warmed up.
Then we hit the Wallace skatepark further down the street. Real nice prefab park with some decent size ramps and fun flow! Louis & Sam loved the hip!
After a long session at the skatepark, we headed back to ZM where some delicious hot-dogs and refreshing drinks were waiting for us. In the meantime, we gathered everyone for some givaways. Some lucky ones got there hands on NS Bikes Pilgrim grips, LamaCycles T-Shirts, stickers and autographed posters!
With everyone's stomachs full, we gave out some special prizes for best style, best line and best trick. Matt Bolton had it locked down for best style as he was flowing the park like no other, Chris got that street line dialled in right before we left the skatepark and Mike Dimartino tailwhipped over the picnic table perfectly for best trick!
Thanks to all of you who came out, it was really fun meeting and riding with all of you guys and I'm pretty sure everyone had a blast! Thanks again to Ziggy, Tate and the staff at ZM Cycle & Fitness for having us and helping us out organizing this this event:)

Next stop is at To Wheels in London, ON on Saturday June 2nd and at The Bicycle Shop in Sarnia, ON on Sunday June 3rd! See ya there!
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