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Shop Stop 2+3: Video, Photos & Report

28 août

After a great success at ZM Cycle in May, it was finally time for the crew to make their way out to To Wheels in London and The Bicycle Shop in Sarnia, Ontario. Everyone who came out was really really stoked, had tons of fun and ended up with unforgettable memories! Proof right under in this edit by Louis Lhomel! Photos by Samuel Croteau & Jeremy Malek.
To Wheels is a really nice shop that has been around more than 40 years. After a little tour, we gathered all the kids and headed to a crazy bowl to start off the day!
Everyone shreded and tried to get their stoke level on max. After a couple of crazy line in the bowl we wanted to ride some street with everyone to make a nice little jam. The boys at the shop told us that the university was a crazy spot for street riding so we headed there with all the kids.
We settled at a nice little plaza in the center of the university. ‘'Shit went down'' as Parappa would've said, and boy he was true! Everyone shreded really hard and we had an awesome session.
To finish the day we went to a crazy nice outdoor park where we made our Lama tent & Lama van setup.
While some Will Smith was playing in the car on maximum level, we organized some fun little contests for the kids : best trick, long jump and prize catching!!!
Overall we had a blast in London and we would like to thank everyone that made this day a real success!
After all the crazyness that went down in London we had to pack everything in the van and roll to Sarnia, a little town that was 1h away from London. After a quick stop at Taco Bell to make Croteau happy, we tried to sleep in the dirtiest hotel ever. It was not easy to do but after a couple of beers and some crazy action on a roof we finally went to bed, gathering up energy for the next day.
We woke up, packed our stuff, headed to Sarnia's The Bicycle Shop and actually met our teammate Evan Roth on our way to the shop. We placed the tent in front of the shop with the help of shop owner Scott McPhee A.K.A. the nicest dude on the planet!
We then went to the weirdest park ever to warm up before heading to the trails. It was an old school concrete park with a giant concrete peanut on the side. Everyone shreded as always and got stoked for some trail riding later on. Following Evan's lead to get to their little dirt paradise, it was really nice to see their setup and you knew that a lot of work and effort were put into building that spot. We rode those trails like animals, until the 3pm alarm rang and it was time for us to go back at the shop and give some prizes to everyone. Parappa was the eyes and the ears of the crew and spotted everyone that did some crazy manoeuvres to give them some NS Parts. It's a shame that we had a 9h drive to go back to Montreal because we would've stay there to shred with those guys all day. Thanks again to Scott for everything and we would like to thank everyone at The Bicycle Shop and the Sarnia locals for being so awesome!
Another crazy weekend went down and we can't wait for the next one! Kitchener and Guelph get ready! Here are the Facebook Event links if you wish to join us next weekend. They will be taking place at East Side Cycle in Kitchener and Backpeddling in Guelph, Ontario.
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Awesome video and riding!
Xenon Gibbs

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