Thanksgiving Weekend

14 octobre

This past Thanksgiving weekend, Simon Leclerc, Marshal, Samuel Croteau & I went to our good buddy Matt Macduff's house in the Toronto area.  His super nice mom & dad let us stay over for the whole weekend!  Delicious breakfasts were eaten and lots of wine bottles went were drank ahah! Thanks to Margaret & Richard!

So Matt moved out during the summer and built humongous jumps in his backyard.  So big, that 2 of the jumps were not ridable...but we worked mornings to bring the kickers closer.  Then afternoons were all about riding all the sick concrete parks in the area.

Here are some pictures I took.  
Here are a couple of riding pictures. Kinda weird, only have some of Croteau... Looks like he was killing it!  Not many pictures we were taken since we wanted to get as much riding done as possible.
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