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West Coast Homie: Garrett Robertson

5 mai

We are really stoked to announce that Garrett Robertson will be part of our West Coast crew this summer. Garrett is definitely an awesome person/rider and is really not afraid to big!
He will be shredding one of the few samples of the prototype NS Soda Slopestyle bike all over North America this summer, attending many events like: Teva Mountain Games, Creston Goatstyle, Highland Claymore Challenge, Center of Gravity, Whistler Crankworx, Colorado Crankworx, AT's Showdown, Wam Bam Jump Jam, and many others that he has the opportunity to participate in. Meanwhile, Garrett will be coaching at Silver Star bike park all summer long!
He just got the bike last week and here's what he had to say about it:

''I'm in love with the Soda already, no joke, I'm obsessed with it. Today me and Brandon Hayward were messing around trying flat ground tailwhips as a joke mainly but we actually got pretty close. Tried it off a roller and stomped it to pedals! I'd be stoked to do that on a bmx or a hardtail and I couldn't believe it happened on a slope bike. Also, no chain tensioner is the best thing to ever happen to a small travel fully!''
Garrett's now heading to Ranch Style in Colorado with his new NS Soda and managed to get some excellent photos of his temporary build before going on the trip. All photos are courtesy of Matt Butterworth
Best of luck at Ranch Style homie & have a blast out there!!!
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